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Executive Protection Services

The Risk Assistance Group provides a personalized, flexible and low profile solution in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East for your Executive Protection needs.

The Risk Assistance Group maintains proprietary intelligence networks in our zones of expertise that allow us to proactively alter routes and protocols in order to avoid hot zones as they develop.

Our team includes former high-ranking police, military and intelligence protection experts with a proven track record in corporate and individual protection services in a multi-lingual environment. We then provide these individuals further training modeled on various presidential detail organizations, as well as local proprietary intelligence and experience. The Risk Assistance Group’s Executive Protection team is sophisticated, personable, discreet, and unnoticed.

Latin America continues to consistently rank at the top of the global regions with the most kidnappings per year. Often, these kidnappings turn quite violent, including torture and death.

The Risk Assistance Group provides appropriate levels of protection to allow client business and personal activities to be conducted safely and confidently regardless of the location.

We have armored vehicles available in most international locations that we use in protective assignments as required. The armored vehicles we use are not easily spotted or identified as armored, yet provide both the additional security required to maintain our client’s safety, as well as the comfort they expect.

All drivers are local, maintaining expertise on safe routes and available alternate routes. They have all been provided additional security and training protocols proprietary to the Risk Assistance Group.

The Risk Assistance Group provides the following Executive Protection services:

  • Event Protection and Security Protocols
  • Personal Protection Services and Coordination
  • Personal Risk Assessments
  • Armored Vehicles with Professional Drivers Trained in Security Protocols
  • Counter-Kidnap Training
  • Terrorism Threats
  • Workplace Violence Threats
  • Stalking Situations
  • Consulting Services

For more information on the Risk Assistance Group’s Executive Protection services, please contact us.